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IV Weekly

Large Group – Christ’s Response to Doubt and Questioning

Tuesday, 7:00pm, Multi-Faith Chapel – Genuine faith in Jesus and the Way He exemplified does not come without difficult questions. Often times we may consider ourselves “faithless” for questioning in the first place, or we may think we have legitimate concerns with core Christian principles that need consideration. This week, our very own, beloved Jon Douthit will lead us in a reflection on Christ’s response to doubt in the Gospels. What do the Gospels have to tell us about God’s response to confusion, cynicism and anger we may feel at times in our faith journeys? No matter where you are in your faith life, we invite you to join us in what should be an honest, reflective encounter with God’s Word.

Weekly Prayer
2:15pm, Thursday Multi-Faith Chapel – Intervarsity recognizes the value in joining together as a community to pray for God’s continued work on campus and in our various communities. Join us this week for a half-hour of guided, communal prayer for our campus, friends and blessings!

Leadership Opportunities for Next Year
Interested in becoming a leader at InterVarsity next year? If yes or you are unsure, join us this Wednesday, April 3rd in Higgins 275 from 6-7pm for a Leadership meeting where you can have all your questions answered and learn more about the application process. This meeting is mandatory for interested leaders unless an alternative meeting time with Jon is scheduled. Hope to see you there!


One comment on “IV Weekly

  1. I wanted to offer to speak at your April 30th Large Group. I am an IV alumni from Roanoke College in Virginia and started a non-profit called Playing Grownup to help equip students in their finances and relationships for post college. I will be in the area and would love the opportunity to serve you at large group. During college I was Large Group Coordinator and my wife was later president so it would be great to connect with your chapter!

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